Fabulous! Awesome!  Beautiful!
Sharon Washington

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A kind of 
magic integrating images, 
layout, type, and design... 
Marguerite Rigoglioso
I have 
a beautiful, 
stress free, professional presence on the internet.
Pali Cooper
I felt empowered
and I had fun!
Sheilah Glover
So You Can Manage Your Own Content!
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The comments I've been getting are:  FABULOUS!  AWESOME DESIGN, BEAUTIFUL, WOW.  I couldn't be more pleased with the response. Thank you, thank you for a beautiful job!   Sharon Washington/actor

The YaYa Sister Squad are extraordinarily talented web designers who are also a pleasure to work with. They developed a stunning site for me, which has earned unsolicited praise from numerous colleagues, friends, and other visitors -- just today again someone wrote to me "Your Web site is beautiful!"  I was amazed at how Irene could key in to the general concepts I was giving them and work a kind of magic integrating images, layout, type, and design to enhance my content and message. They are truly creative professionals, providing that little extra that makes a site go from good to great. They were extremely personable and always worked in a timely manner. I HIGHLY recommend them to anyone looking for web design.   Marguerite Rigoglioso/author

I have heard other people comment on how long it takes their web designers to make the simplest changes, so I feel fortunate to have instant attention paid when I have a website request. Most website designers today do not have the total design experience The YaYa Sister Squad has. They also designed a beautiful business card for me based on my web design. I am so glad they were referred to me, and I am grateful that I have a beautiful, stress free, professional presence on the internet.  Pali Cooper, Chiropractor
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